The most disgusting aspect last night was the vindictive and wicked attempt to disrespect the War Dead of Lytham. The young men and women who fought for their Country in Conflicts from the Great War, and the War against Nazi tyranny to Korea and others.

The Conservatives and myself have always had the greatest respect for those who fight and die when King or Queen calls. But the opposition don’t fell the same, their leader had the nerve to lecture Councillor Eric Bamber on democracy, a Councillor from Ansdell, who fought in Japan and was a POW. Eric fought for democracy all the Independents do is use the sacrifice of others to play silly political games.

I supported a bid to renovate and refurbish Lytham War Memorial, just as St. Annes and Kirkham’s War Memorials are being renovated and just as Weshams was several years ago with the new paving surrounds instigated by myself.

But these people, who have no electoral prospect in Lytham, spoke ill of the fallen by trying their hardest to destroy the memories of those from Lytham, who like those from Wesham and every other Village, Town and City in this Country and beyond made the ultimate sacrifice.

Shame on them, is what I say and this shame also falls on Wesham’s other Independent Councillor!


Simon. 681983