This is a letter the Leader of the Council has submitted to the press, since they are unlikely publish it in it’s entirety, I thoughts it was worth putting on my web site.



Dear Editor

New Political group in Fylde – Fylde Independent Party

Internal feuding and a bitter power struggle has led to the demise of two long standing political parties in Fylde’s Town Hall. The Independent and Ratepayer Groups have been forced to reform under a single banner after 7 Independent Councillors distanced themselves from their Parties ‘Non Co-operation policy’ within the Town Hall. An internal struggle for the Leadership of the Ratepayer Group has also seen a meltdown of the long standing organisation. The newly constituted group, to be led by Opposition Leader Paul Hayhurst has pledged that it if elected it will scrap the Cabinet system brought in under the Conservatives in 2005 and return the Council to the former committee structure, even though just 5% of Councils in England still operate what is considered to be a cumbersome and outdated method of delivering local services.

Leader of Fylde Conservatives Group John Coombes said ‘many residents are not aware of the fact that almost 50% of the Independent Group have resigned since 2003 due to their unease at it’s negative stance and in particular the behaviour of it’s Leader Cllr Hayhurst. The new Fylde Independent Party has just two goals one, to oppose Conservatives and two to un-ravel four years of progress. Residents need to realise that there is no such thing as an Independent Candidate in Fylde’

Cllr Roger Small Deputy Group Leader added ‘This is a public interest issue that has gone unnoticed by the press, when former Deputy Independent Group Leader Cllr Mullholland jumped ship we realised that the Independent cause was in crisis. This is an important issue on the build up to Local Elections and Fylde’s residents need to understand fully the implications that such a negative political policy will have on the Council’s continued improvement’

In the aftermath of the 2003 Comprehensive Performance Inspection Fylde Council was branded a ‘weak council with uncertain prospects for the future’ . Many of the official reports criticisms were levelled at the former Independent led Council and cited, lack of Political Leadership, poor committee structures, internal feuding and hostility towards Council Officers, the reluctance of members to take difficult decisions, the list goes on.

Cllr Coombes added ‘Fylde is now seen as an innovative, forward looking Council, the Cabinet system does need time to bed in but surely 95% of the Councils in England can’t be wrong? it would be a tragedy to see the Councils strong progress wrecked by the Independent Party’s single negative policy’