A new political party has formed in Fylde! The Fylde Independents, same old failure, just a brand new name. This group has formed from the Ratepayers and the fractured Independent Councillors on Fylde.

From 1987 these were the people that ran Fylde into the ground, but back then they just their old names and their old excuses. These were the people who had in their grasp the power to do what they wanted with the council, but still failed and let down the people of the Fylde. They now crow about issue that they never addressed while they could and to add insult to injury while the Conservatives are now addressing them.

I may be a little naive here, but is an Independent Party a contradiction? How can they be Independent and be in a party, surely that makes them reliant on others and subject to the whims of their group.

I firmly believe in nailing my colours to the mast. I am a Conservative, but more than that I work hard to achieve real action in Wesham and to drive Fylde forward into becoming the council that delivers the best services at the lowest prices to you.