Last night was the Fylde Borough council Budget Meeting of the Cabinet. In true Conservative fashion, I think we’ve delivered a great budget with stuff for all parts of the borough, that has bridged a budget gap of nearly £1m by finding efficiency savings that do not affect front line services and only putting up tax by 15p a week. Fylde still has the second lowest tax in Lancashire and is in the bottom 25% of Borough Tax Nationally.

We had a about £200,000 to spend and have managed to help all areas of the borough with this, ensurinruralla schemes get as much attention as Lytham St Annes. Kirkham does very well, especially the £50,000 to help traders with a shop fund scheme.

We’re putting £25,000 into the community projects fund which with funding from the LSP and match funding from applicants will see £100,000 next year spent on Community Projects across the Fylde.

We’ve agrees to £15,000 to be spent on Youth Facilities and £22,000 on CCTV cameras and equipment. We’re helping Warton Parish Council to refurbish it’s sports centre and we’re provide park equipment and fencing in Newton.

On top of the £200,000 Kirkham is getting for the Memorial Park and War Memorial, it’s also getting £20,000 to sort out some play ground fencing that it needs.

Although Wesham did not put any bids in I’m confident about getting the car park behind the Post Office and with the developments we’re due to get some monies for play equipment and youth facilities.

We’ve also put £8,500 into tree planting across the borough, any potential Wesham Sites, let me know, and we’re spending £8,000 to protect St Annes beach (the reason tourist come to the Fylde) from the on set of Spartina Grass.

On the same note, following the fatality on the beach a few years ago, we’ve had to implement certain safety schemes to makeusableach useable again for all the activities. So we are putting £21,000 so power kiting, surf kiting and other wind / sea / beach activities can come back to the Fylde, Incidentally, St Annes beach is thein the beach in the country for those kind of sports.

I am really proud of this budget, it been hard worked we had a gap of £851,000 and had to find that money without ureserves our resevers and we could only put up tax by 5%. The gap was caused by many issues, not least the Governments con trick on free bus travel. They gave us £480,000 for a scheme that’s costing over £730,000 and guess who’s picking up the bill, you!

We are having to go through a process where people get paid in the council the same for the sparticularlyis particulalry benefits female workers and is fair and is the right thing to do.

These two issues and with things like higher pensions contribution (Necessary due to Gordon Brown’s depressiomarkete stock martket by taking £25 billion pounds a year out of people’s pension funds) left the council with £841,000 to find. We found that and we’ve also found the where with all to increase spending in areas that the public have told us are priority areas.

If you don’t think we’ve done well, or if you share my view that this is the best budget for Fylde for ages or if you need mpleaseformation, pelase get in touch.



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