The cabinet of Fylde council met informally tonight to consider the forth coming budget of the council. Although nothing is cast in stone and the cabinets recommendations have to be passed by the Conservative Group, the cabinet formally and the Council on 1st March. I can let you have a sneak preview.

Out of the small amount of capital spend we have this year the cabinet is recommending the purchase of 3 new CCTV cameras and upto 6 poles (the cameras can be moved easily to hot spots but only where a pole is).

At my request at least one pole and one camera id earmarked for Wesham. That is a clear investment by the Conservatives in Wesham’s community safety.

We are also recommending a budget of £15,000 for youth facilities. I will be doing all I can to see some of that money spent in Wesham.

And finally, we also agreed on one of our manifesto pledges. We usually set ten and last election we set ten and have completed 9 and the tenth is being considered for delivery next year. Anyway, the first pledge is to purchase for use by the council of some Speed Indicator Devices, like the one I got on Weeton Road for two weeks.