Kirkham troublemakers are still at it, they are still saying parking charges are going on Mill Street Car Park, when they are not. What part of ‘no, never’ don’t these people understand. It’s pure election mischief. And as for their other claim in the paper about the Council’s lack of support for Kirkham Traders, I’d look a bit closer to home. They’ve quoted as saying the decline has been going on for years. But up until 2003 Kirkham’s Councillors ran the council and what did they do then, nothing! It’s a bit rich when Kirkham has had more spent on it in terms of cash and resources since the Conservatives took control, than before. Just look at the shop fronts on the Health Shop and Iron Mongers. That happened with the help of the council and Conservative Control.

When people speak of all the money spent in St.Annes, that all happened when Kirkham Councillors were in charge. So who looks after Kirkham, their own councillors or Conservative Councillors.

I’m sorry about going into a Kirkham story on this Wesham website, but the hypocrisy gets me so cross.