The Cabinet at Fylde are discussing a scheme that could see Wesham’s council tax levels drop. The scheme know as equitable taxation should see Wesham residents pay about £15.00 a year less on their council tax.

In a nut shell what this scheme does is stop Wesham and other smaller rural areas paying for the greater quantity of facilities in Lytham and St Annes and transfers that cost onto the people who use those facilities. So instead of the Borough setting a higher council tax level, it will set a much lower level and ask each parish or town to set a local precept for the services and facilities that are locally available. This will see Wesham paying about £15.00 a year less (6 pints or 2 bottles of wine). Whereas the people who live in Lytham and St Annes will pay about £6.50 more. It makes it fairer for all as local people pay for local stuff and not for stuff they may never use or go to.

It also has an added bonus that it devolves responsibility to parish and town councils to raise and spend the money they need to unsertake local services as directed by local people. It’s a great scheme for Wesham as you’ll be paying less and you’ll be able to set local priorities through the Town Council and see where the money comes from and how it is spent.

Let me know what you think or f you need any further information on this issue. I do hope that the council backs this scheme at budget time.

As always or 681983.