The papers are this week running with the story that the Conservatives have not fulfilled all of our manifesto pledges, this has been fuelled by the Liberal Democrats (all two of them on Fylde council!).

At an informal cabinet meeting on Monday we reviewed our manifesto pledges and are confident that we’ve delivered on all of them bar one and that’s being looked at on Monday for implimentation in the next few weeks.

This being a leisure pass scheme, where residents have access to council and other services at a discount (starting with the leisure services, so discounted swims and mini golf etc, but will ultimately be parking charges (Lytham and St Annes only as Kirkham will remain free)). The reason for the delay is the investigation we’ve conducted previuosly and over the last 12 months over the future management of the councils leisure facilities.

We’ve come to a considered opinion about these and can therefore pursue this scheme with vigor. Once it’s been finanlised and the report accepted for implementation by myself, we’ll get going with it. I’ll post more details in time.

The next issue the Liberal Democrat’s are having a rather silly go at us for is; cabinet members having a free car park pass for any council car park, while on council business. I can honestly say that I’ve not got one of these passes (although entitled to) and most other cabinet memebrs don’t. At the meeting I think we counted up the number of times they’ve been used by those who have them and it comes to 7 times in 12 months.

There are two points to make here; firstly what’s the problem, cabinet members have council business throughout the the borough, surely being able to park is essential and secondly every councillor (including both Liberal Democrats) have the facility to park in any car park inthe country on council business and reclaim the expense. Hardly a perk that exclusive or worth a million!

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