The cabinet had an informal meeting last night where I brought up Mill Street Car Park. This whole rumour has been stirred up by politically motivated people. The review they are using as the basis of this nonsense is a review instigated by a St Annes Councillor on parking attendants keenness in Lytham and St Annes.

You have to ask yourselves if they mislead about this what else will they mislead over to get votes? Expect a story instigated by these people about Kirkham Baths shutting. It’s not, I’m not supporting that, the Cabinet not supporting that and nor are the Conservatives supporting that!

Anyway, this has highlighted to people the continuing strength of the people of Kirkham and Wesham to stick up for their own area, and I am grateful to the gentleman who is gathering public support to back the cabinet in not putting on fees.

An important message here is that only the Conservatives have the strength of purpose to actually get things done or changed. For 12 years independent Councillors controlled the council and that had lead to the under investment, under achievement, divided and stale nature of the borough we inherited and was judged by government inspectors as weak.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be highlighting the success of the Conservatives at Fylde for the benefit of Wesham, Kirkham and the Fylde. There are too many for one entry.

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