It’s back in the papers again that charges may be placed on Mill Street Car Park – well that’s news to me and I should know being in the cabinet. I just think it’s political stirring from someone who may have designs of a council seat in Kirkham. although this is not a strictly Wesham issue, I’d like to know Wesham’s views on this. Please take part in the mini poll in this post and let me know what you think. I’ll be guided by residents opinions on this issue.

The arguments in a nut shell are; Should fees be charged on the car park like in St Annes and Lytham to bring income into the council to help fund the services the council provides for all residents or will the charges be overbearing and drive trade away from Kirkham into out of town shops and / or push parking on to nearby streets taking away spaces for residents?

You can also let me know your thoughts be e-mailing me at