This is Morland Avenue, as you can see it’s not in the best of conditions. Due to the narrow raods and lack of parking the open spaces are not being kept green to say the least. These open spaces could be used to enhanced the area with flower beds or whatever is appropriate. However, New Fylde Housing, who own the land are refusing to talk to us. I’ve had long discussions about this with Geoff Dixon, the Mayor of Wesham, and we keep the pressure on. However, it seems to fall on deaf ears at NFH. Geoff and I are putting out a petition on Morland Avenue, we’ve wrote to the papers and we’ll continue to keep the pressure on NEW FYLDE HOUSING until they at least meet with us and then until they sort something out that looks better than this .

If you area that something needs doing then, please e-mail me at morland@wesham.com and we’ll work together to get some action and make life easier for all.