I have received a letter from Lancashire County Councils Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development, in response to our request to put a limit on the bridge in Wesham to limit HGV’s for entering the Town. Councillor Martin is Labour and represents a seat in Burnley.

Cllr. Martin seems to not have understood the problems we face in Wesham and actually puts a cost on to a life of £1.5m. I believe it is priceless and can not believe that the County has such a figure in ‘assessing local road safety’. I also can not believe that the limit is being turned down on cost ground. How much will a couple of road signs really cost????

However, what I found strangest about Councillor Martin’s response in him blaming me and Mrs Thatcher for the limit being lifted and then not being re-instated. I found that bazaarr that a Prime Minister who left office 17 years ago and a boy who was 14 at the time.

If the limit was in Councillor Martin’s gift when it was implemented recently, why is it now not in his gift?

I will reply to Councillor Martin’s letter and let you know the outcome. I will, of course, continue to fight for Wesham safety. Both Schools and the Town Council support this. I will not give up on you like the Labour Party has.