Good evening,

There has been some disturbing news recently. Derby Road is to close from Monday until 20th December, and the County Council seemed not to have told anyone. I am appalled by this lack of communication and this decision to bring stress to people in the Derby Road / Park Lane area of Wesham, especially being so close to Christmas. I have written to the director in the strongest possible terms. I will also be writing to the press to high light this issue to the wider public. It really does appear that there is a conspiracy at County Hall to mess Wesham up. But then all you really have to do is look at who our County Councillor is.

Well none you might say, but we still have Joyce Stuart, who due to boundary changes represents a slightly different part of Rural Fylde and I have good friend in the Conservative Group at County Hall, so all is not lost and while I have breath in my body, I won’t stop fighting for the benefit of Wesham.

The Youth Council.

Last week I attended another session of the Youth Council as part of my Cabinet Brief of youth engagement. I am always fascinated when I attend at how committed and dedicate the young people who attend are. At this meeting some other Young People who want to put a skateboard park in Kirkham or Wesham. We agreed that we’d do all we could to help secure funds and the boys went off to look for suitable places to put it. They are reporting back in a couple of weeks and from then on it’s all systems go to get this park up and running.

Blackpool Airport.

On Thursday this week I am visiting Blackpool Airport. The Airport is hoping to expand and although this is subject to planning issues which I wont comment on, this could be an opportunity for the Borough to chase additional incoming tourists. The Fylde coast and Countryside has unique features. We have great rural pubs and walks, 4 championship golf courses, a great beach, quality hotels and some great shopping. So the crest of the wave could be made by targeting new markets of European tourist. I’ll report back after my visit.

Street Signs.

Over the last few weeks, months and years, I’ve been having broken, missing or vandalized street signs replaced. The latest has been down Market Street, ones been replaced and another one has been ordered to be fitted. If your street signs needs replacing, just drop me a line on and I’ll ensure it gets sorted.

As always any issues, problems or concerns, just get in touch.