There is a really nasty rumour being put out in the press by the leader of the opposition, a member from Elswick and his cronies a little closer to home, that the Conservatives are cutting rural Christmas decoration grants next year.

There is no truth in this rumour, no intention and contrary to be the Scrooge, we’ve increased Christmas light money, steam lined the process and have allowed Town and Parish councils devolved responsibility for providing their own Christmas lights and trees while being supported financially by the Borough.

These stories will appear with increasing regularity in the press in the next few months, as the election draws nearer. When you see these stories you have to ask what life was like during the 12 years of independent control. Well, we were judged a weak council, we had our housing department run by inspectors following the poor management of the last chairman, we never made a decision and council tax rose by 30% in the last three of their rule.

I’m putting out a leaflet in the next few days that details some of the successes the Conservatives have had, you can compare a confident, stable and achieving Council with what’s gone before.

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