We’ve had two issues on young people in the news this week. First was the national report about how Britain’s teenagers are ‘the worst in Europe’ and secondly David Cameron saying lets show them more love. As I am sure you suspect I have strong views on these issues.

Firstly, young people are the product of their parents, and we can’t blame young people without blaming adults for their behavior. Having said that it’s not always the case. Most young people are honest, law abiding young adults who will grow up to make positive contributions to society, the fact they hang around park corners in groups will not affect this out come. Most young people currently live decent lives doing decent things, helping their grandparents, going to school all day every day, studying hard. Most have decent pass times and show increasing skills in these sports and hobbies.

However some young people are thugs, and criminals and ASBO collectors, but not as many as we have amongst adults. More adults are rude, drop litter, swear, drink, take drugs, commit crime, you get the picture. And if these kind of adults become parents, what will the children be like! Vicky Pollard became Vicky Pollard because her parents made her like that.

I am in no way excusing bad behavior, yobs need dealing with, but I also am not jumping on the anti young people bandwagon. In the same vain just as a few Muslims may blow themselves up, it does not mean every Muslim will.

This leads onto David Camerons remarks. Although I am sure they were well meaning, showing yobs love may work in some cases, hard cash and targeted resources will work better. The sentiment is there, but is the substance and also, is it right to invest in those that are off the rails at the expense of those who are not?

The results of Fylde’s listening day are in and they show a high concern amongst residents is ‘something for teenagers to do’. This shows that adults (in the main parents and grand parents) are happy for Council Tax Payers Money (your money) to be spent on youth projects. Which is good news, but do they want money spent on making the lives of their own children and grand children more fulfilled with better facilities or do they want money spending on intervening in bad parenting situations to steer potential and actually trouble makers away from the dark side of life into the lightside of love and hugs?

What I think I am getting at here, and it is my policy as Cabinet Member at Fylde to do is;

People want better facilities for young people.

People want better young people.

So therefore, lets put our money where our mouth is; lets provide the support to those that may go off the rails, but lets also support and provide the resources for the decent, honest, studying, positive future contributors to society which make up 99% of our children.

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