Council speaking it’s been a quiet week. I had one meeting on Monday evening and one on Tuesday afternoon. The meeting on Monday was a political meeting at Kirkham Conservative Club with the rural district of Fylde Conservatives, which I’ll talk about in more detail in another post.

The meeting on Tuesday was my weekly briefing with the senior offices in my area of Cabinet responsibility. We talked at length about tourism and events, including re staging the Last night of the Proms concerts at Fylde Rugby Club. This has always been a popular event in the Fylde and fits in so well with our Quality Status. I have given my full support for this event and have promised to fight it’s corner in Cabinet for budget purposes.

Another area we talked about in detail was the potential for Fairhaven Lake, it has huge potential to generate incoming tourism and to provide a better facility for all people in the Borough. I am holding a strategy event at the lake in early November where we can thrash out a future development plan.

Finally we discussed a concessions policy. Concessions range from Donkey’s on the beach to Telescopes on the prom. The add value to the cultural experience of tourists and residents and bring in a small amount of income to the council. We also have to manage them closely to ensure the quality of these concessions match the expectations of Fylde Residents.

I am afraid sue to child care issues, I had to miss the Town Council meeting on Tuesday, but I believed the meeting went well and some good stuff discussed.