On Tuesday this week I had a meeting with Fylde officers and the Art restoration lady from County Hall, we discussed in detail about our open evening. This proved very informative, especially on the possibilities to see some art restoration in progress. We have however, had to got for a new date of the 18th November. If you’d like to be on the invite list, e-mail on simon@wesham.com.

Wednesday I was at the AGM of the Friends of St. Michael School. My wife was re-elected as vice-secretary. The meeting also talked about some fundraising ideas, put the finishing arrangements to the adult disco and decided on doing up the quiet garden.

Yesterday I received a report on health in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre. It made some interesting reading, and the Fylde has a higher life expectancy than nationally. However, an area we need to address is the higher rates of binge drinking in Medlar-with-Wesham. I’ll bring this up at a Town Council meeting for our discussion and see how what we can do to address this.

Last night I was at the Scout BBQ. This was a great event. It always amazes me just what a great organization scouting is, and if only we could break through a barrier with some of our disengaged youths to get them involves. Just maybe we’d not have as many issues as we have.