It is Sunday afternoon and the first weeks anniversary of this blog. I’ve had over 50 visits, but really to be effective I need to work this up so people in Wesham and the Fylde can be truly informed of the stuff I am doing on their behalf.

I’ve just finished nine holes at Ribby Hall with my eldest son, Josh, we’ve had a good game and I truly believe in the calming influence of golf on young boys. The discipline and etiquette of a golf course sets a good example for people to follow in life. Competitive and structured relaxation has a great effect on people and this and other sports have to be opened up to all. I have been working with officers at the council to promote and build upon the the success of golf in the Fylde and I expect to be able to announce soon some great initiatives for younger people to taste and try out golf and then for further development of their skills and enjoyment. Look out for future news.

I have also today given an interview to Radio Wave over the Town Councils campaign to keep HGV’s in Wesham to an absolute minimum. Not long ago the weight limit was lifted off the Station Road bridge. This has seen many more heavy trucks going through the town on their way to Kirkham and Preston. We’ve had a petition, got 181 names and I’ve written this weekend to County Hall to explore this issue. I’ll keep you all informed, or you can register your support by e-mailing nohgvs@wesham.com.

I’ve seen today that the Conservatives are 6% ahead of Labour in the polls, this is encouraging, but lets temper it. The only polls I truly believe in are those that happen from 7am till 10pm on election nights. If the Conservatives are 6% above Labour then we’ll still have Gordon Brown as PM. If we are 12% ahead, we may see a strong David Cameron Government. The message I wish to get out here is; don’t be fooled by opinion polls, if you want to change the Government, you have to get out and vote and not leave it to the people who have taken part in opinion polls.

Last Thursday was a busy day. I was at regular work in the morning. At 12 I had a meeting to look at merging two groups that work on young people issues. One is the Local Strategic Partnership young peoples group and the other is the Primary Care Trust’s local implementation team. Both grand title for the same people doing the same work, so it saves money, resources and strengthens output to merge both groups into one.

Following on from that I had the Tourism Strategy event. Over 4 hours we analyzed the current tourism position in Fylde, looked at where we wanted to be, created a vision and looked at a basic action plan. We still have a lot of work to do before we can publish the strategy, but I truly believe that the way head is being mapped.

Them from 5pm I was with a prominent local man who has had many concerns with the council. We spent nearly two hours discussing some of these concerns. I don’t believe for one minute we’ll ever see eye to eye on all issues, but I do think we can accept these differences and have a greater appreciation of where each of is coming from.

I then had to rush for my hair cut, which looks really good, so thank you Kirsty at Icon in Kirkham.

My wife and I had our tea at the Kingfisher pub in Kirkham last night. The food was better than normal and expected and the two pints of cider were cool and refreshing. However, one thing that particularly annoyed me was the Christmas Tree, all lit up and sparkly. If this is not continued evidence of the commercialism of Christmas, I don’t know what is. I pointed this out to a waitress, who shrugged her shoulders as though I was speaking a different language. In December that would be ok, acceptable and in the spirit. It’s the beginning of October. So to strike a blow against the onslaught of Global Commercialism, I unplugged the lights on the way out and ran to the roundabout!

As usual, any questions, issues or comments, e-mail me at simon@wesham.com

Take care,