Boris Johnson is the Conservative Spokesman on Education, and also a man who seems to speak his mind. Often with consequences that have a negative effect. I wish to make two points about Boris; Firstly, is it not right that we have politicians that speak their own mind and not be afraid of a media backlash? His latest comments about schools dinners may not be to everyone’s taste (no pun intended) but surely he was right to make the comments if that is what he believes? The correct response to others is not to denounces him, but re argue the point that school children cannot live on sausage and chips five days a week, or turkey twizzlers. I for one do not want my children to eat such stuff, but try and provide them with meals made from local quality ingredients that encompass a range of tastes and flavours. And occasionally we even have a Happy Meal.

His other comments about the new booster seat laws have my support. I think parents know when their children are grown up enough to sit in a front seat of a car or without a booster seat in the back. There was a time when parents were parents and had responsibility over their children. Today it seems to be more and more parenting by European Dictate. I can understand about keeping your children safe in cars, but surely that is what a Mum and Dad do anyway with out the guidance of the omnipresent EU. David Cameron said, lets have more Super Nanny and less nanny state. I think he is right and I support this statement

The Second point I will make about Boris is; He may make 10 or 20 statements which are seemed to be crack pot and hair brain (and this is all about perspective and where you are standing when you view that comment metaphorically speaking) but every so often, it’s bingo and a real gem of an idea comes forward.

So Boris, keep free thinking and speak your mind. You maybe wrong, you may be right, who knows. But one thing I do know is politics would be all that duller with out you.

Click on this link to read the BBC News report.

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