I’m holding a Tourism Strategy event on Thursday to prioritise and distribute the tourism resource in Fylde for the next 5 years. Key will be playing up the part of Golf, quality hotels and the relaxing Fylde countryside. If you’d like to give me your ideas about tourism, please e-mail me at simon@wesham.com.


The monthly St. Annes Farmers Market is moving location, from 5th October. Instead of Pleasure Island, it’s moving to the Square in St. Annes, it is hope that more people will shop at the market and also in the town centre. It is crucial we support hard pressed farmers by buying direct from them. The Labour Government and the European Union have conspired over the last few years to make it increasingly difficult to be a British Farmer. Farmers provide a backbone to this country and have shaped the way the countryside looks and feels. They are a credit to us all and we need to support our farmers and help save Fylde Farms.


I have requested some new park benches from Fylde Borough Council. If you have a suggestion of where one can go, please e-mail me.