Just another post to explode a myth being spread by the rumour mongers on Kirkham Baths. Only under one circumstance will the Conservative Council shut Kirkham Baths. I know this and can speak with authority on this as I am the Councillor responsible and accountable for the baths.

That circumstance is; when another better facility is being built (in the case of the current site) or when it is built (on a nearby location). This will only happen after extensive consultation with the public of the Fylde.

We have already carried out consultation and can say that many people wish to see an improved facility with a gym and other activities. These may not be provided on the current location, however, we don’t know that until we’ve conducted a structural survey.

The Conservatives want to give Kirkham, Wesham and the Rural Fylde a facilities that we deserve, a leisure centre that can be a real community asset. Kirkham baths is good, but it is aged and you can only swim at it. Imagine a facility where you can use a gym, play racquet games, have a coffee and also swim. That would be something to be proud of.

If you don’t agree with this, e-mail me and let me have your thoughts or post a comment. But whatever you think or say believe this, some people don’t want to see Kirkham prosper, keeping Kirkham down has been their trade in votes for many years. Let’s give the future a chance and listen to the plans that only a Conservative Council has been prepared to deliver.

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